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Home Minutes Meeting Minutes 01-21-09

Meeting Minutes 01-21-09


Meeting Minutes

Spring Township Municipal Building

January 21, 2009

1) CALL TO ORDER - At 7:16 pm the Chairman led the Pledge of Allegiance; however there was not a quorum until 7:43 pm.

2) ROLL CALL OF MUNICIPALITIES – The following members were present:

Paul Bartley (Milesburg Borough) Dennis Hameister (Harris Township)

Amy Story (State College Borough) Genie Robine (Benner Township)

Mark Stevenson (Halfmoon Township) Ann Glaser (Potter Township)

Steve Miller (Ferguson Township)

The following were absent (excused) – Donald Holderman (Bellefonte Borough); Bill MacMath (Spring Township)

The following were absent (unexcused) – Centre Hall Borough; Bryce Boyer (Patton Township); Ronald Burd (Walker Township); Mary Shoemaker (College Township);

Guests : Bob Donaldson; Barb Fisher; Bob Eberhart; Jennifer Shuey (ClearWater Conservancy); Chris Tavella (CWC intern); Brianna Hutchison (CWC); Larry Fennessey

3) APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of the November 19, 2008 were distributed and by a motion from Ms. Robine and second by Mr. Miller, the group discussed one change, as referenced by Mr. Bartley, who stated that his motion was not for a Resolution to allow the Spring Creek Watershed Community to proceed, but to encourage the group to proceed and develop a Resolution, the vote passed unanimously.

4) CITIZEN COMMENTS – Ms. Shuey introduced Brianna Hutchison and Chris Tavella.


A) Discussion of Officer Positions. Mr. Hameister discussed his desire to step down as chairman and also discussed the fact that the chair and vice-chair need to be elected officials. He also noted that Ms. Story holds both positions of secretary and vice-chair. With no quorum, no action was taken. The discussion will be taken up at the next meeting.

B) Review of meetings, voting, quorums and attendance . Ms. Story passed out the attendance record for 2008 and she reviewed the by-laws noting the letter that is to be sent to those with numerous absences excused or unexcused.

C) Review of the Mission Statement – Mr. Hameister handed out the Mission Statement that hasn’t changed in over a decade. He noted that the 3 statements are still very valid, but wondered if an update was in order.

D) The Spring Creek Watershed Plan – Phase 1 Final Report . “Our Challenges and Direction for the Future – Denny provided a copy to members who did not have one. Jen noted that 6 years ago CWC received growing greener funding to develop a comprehensive watershed plan. Funding was only received for Phase I and part of Phase II. The final report is a summary of major issues and provided a priority list of actions for the watershed to take on. Appendix A is still being developed. Both reports are on the CWC website.


A) Publicity Material –No report.

B) Webpage Update – Ms. Story noted that the domain name has been secured and that work has begun. The goal will be to have a basic front page to announce next month’s meeting and posted agenda.

C) Green Watershed Sustainability Project – A background report was given for the benefit of the new members. Mr. Eberhart described the handout which boiled down the 5 or 6 page White Paper to a one page summary. Ms. Fisher and Mr. Eberhart addressed the group by noting that the Watershed Community strongly supports this group and hopes that the SCWC will provide leadership. The Community with the help of Todd Giddings plans to develop a model ordinance that we can each take to individual municipalities for adoption. Mr. Eberhart also noted that Mr. Tavella, the new intern for ClearWater, can easily act as the coordinator for this project. Another project that the group is considering is a survey of the existing ordinances that deal with the protection of the environment and try to determine what other ordinances are needed. Mr. Tavella can also research what other communities are doing and what funding streams may also be available. Mr. Fennessey noted that the University has started developing policies and prohibitions for their own use for drilling of geothermal wells. Mr. Stevenson asked about Ms. Fisher’s request for partnership and how it fits all together. Mr. Bartley stated that he had agreed to be the liaison between the two groups. He also noted that the Resolution presented to the Commission was developed by the Community. He noted that the “subprojects” can be any of a numerous ideas where the Community develops the idea and presents it to the Commission for buy-in. Jen noted her perspective of how the framework of this initiative can benefit all of the municipalities and how the subprojects can be developed and handed back to the Commission. Mr. Bartley motioned to adopt Resolution 2009-1 and Mr. Hameister provided a second. Mr. Stevenson believes that it complements the initiative and Ms. Fisher expressed her gratitude to work together. The vote was unanimous.

D) Creating a Sustainable Solution for Pennsylvania – Mr. Hameister mentioned the document entitled Creating a sustainable solution. Mr. Eberhart agreed to make copies.

E) Discussion of SCWC Committees as outlined in By-Laws – Mr. Bartley noted that with passing the Resolution we did create both a Program Committee and Projects Committee via the Spring Creek Watershed Community.

F) 2009 Municipal Contributions – Ms. Hutchison noted that the letters had just been sent out to the municipalities.


A) Discussion of speaker selection for 2009 – With respect to the recently passed resolution, Denny questioned the need to continue with a monthly speaker. Mr. Bartley noted that maybe the initiative between the Commission and Community can lead to topics and speakers. It was suggested to post the speaker topic on the webpage. Mr. Donaldson asked if there was anything that the MS4 group is doing that could be beneficial to the downstream municipalities who are not mandated. Mr. Fennessey noted that the Centre Region is leaps and bounds above the permit requirements. Mr. Donaldson wondered if there would be a follow up to the recent ad in the paper to indicate what should happen with stormwater. Could something be added to the CWC newsletter or listserv? Ms. Shuey noted using C-NET coverage.

B) 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, “2009 Commonwealth Awards – Paying Tribute to Pennsylvania’s Smart Growth Visionaries” – Mr. Hameister provided an explanation of what 10,000 Friends is about. He noted that under the awards for projects, he noted that we have a perfect example with the CWC and the land preservation program. Deadline is April 3, 2009. He suggested that he Commission should nominate CWC.

C) Request for input to SRBC’s 2009 Water Resources Plan – Mr. Hameister provided a hand out on this topic.


A) Approval of vouchers – none presented for action

B) Watershed Activities

1) Spring Creek Canyon Update – Ms. Robine noted there are no updates from Harrisburg. Mr. Donaldson noted that the 3 consultants are scheduled to meet in February. The consultant is to incorporate significant documents into Master Plan. There has been granted a 2 month extension to the consultant for them to complete the work. The Public Advisory Committee made a request for information and opportunity to present and it has been favorably accepted. The PAC has not been given the opportunity to take a lead role in developing the master plan.

C) Once Around the Watershed- skipped for this month

D) Remaining Meeting Dates for 2008 : February 18, March 18, April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16, October 21, November 18, December 16.

E) Penn State University, “Sustainable Water Resources” - Penn State University Office of Physical Plant information on the University’s MS4 policies. Can be downloaded at:


F) Status of Chesapeake Bay Clean-up – Denny handed out a copy of a CDT story about the Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Donaldson provided a connection between us and the Bay. Ann stated that the non-point source still remains the largest part of the pollution problem. Voluntary programs aren’t doing enough so maybe the focus needs to be on legislation. Mr. Fennessey noted that the problem is so large and complex and that the better way to approach it is to look globally but act locally. He believes that we should be acting on local items.

G) Watershed clean up day . Ms. Shuey noted that cleanup day is April 25 th , the same weekend as the Blue/White game. The planning committee will meet starting Monday, February 2 nd at 4 pm and will meet every 2 weeks through March and then meet every week in April. Ms. Shuey requested the Commission to talk to each municipality and report to Ms. Hutchison of known areas for cleanup such as sinkholes, waste sites, road areas. Ms. Shuey reported that in the past the part of the tipping fee has been waived, but this year that will not be the case and they will be looking to pay the full $70/ton fee. Last year there were 467 tons collected. CWC is looking for grant sources.

9) ADJOURNMENT – With no other matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:42 pm.

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