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Meeting Minutes 02.15.2017

Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2017
Spring Township Municipal Building
7:00 PM

1) Call to Order at 7:00 PM
2) Roll Call of Members

Janet Engeman – State College Borough
David Wise – Benner Township
Dan Trevino – Patton
Andy Merritt – Halfmoon Township
Denny Hameister – Harris Township
Gay Dunne – Bellefonte Borough
Bill Sharp – College Township
Paul Bartley – Milesburg Borough
Bill MacMath – Spring Township
Don Franson – Walker Township
David Whiteman – Potter Township
Peter Buckland – Ferguson Township

3) Approval of Minutes

Bill MacMath moved to accept the minutes from November 16, 2016 and January 18, 2017 meetings. Gay Dunne seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

4) Citizen Comments

  • Dave Stone of State College Borough and the Nittany Valley Water Coalition expressed his concern about the Hanson Quarry drilling deeper. He emphasized that we need to use science in our favor particularly when dealing with big companies.
  • Todd Giddings reported on the Spring Creek water resources budget. Since the beginning of the year, the creek has a positive budget, which is important for recharge. Last year was ranked 102nd out of 121 years of data. Since last month, the water level at well 686 is 5.4 ft higher from last month, which is equivalent to 3 billion gallons of groundwater storage. However, last year the water level was 22.6 ft. higher. So while we are moving in a positive direction, we are still 12.3 billion gallons of water behind compared to last year. Centre County continues to be in a drought watch and groundwater level is still in a drought warning zone. March and April will be very important for groundwater recharge because once plants stop being dormant, we will start losing water to evapotranspiration. Annually, 2/3 of precipitation is lost via evapotranspiration.


5) Educational Topic – Spring Creek Watershed Management Plan Discussion

  • The group discusses how to begin the process of moving forward with Phase 2 of the watershed management plan.
  • Bill Sharp provided a draft summary of the 2003 Spring Creek Watershed Plan Phase 1 Final Report (attached).
  • The DCNR C2P2 Grant was presented as one possible funding source for this project.
  • The mission and goals of the Phase 2 Plan as well as leadership of the steering and technical committees were all discussed. There was general agreement that an outside consultant would help bring objectivity to the development of this plan. See attached sheet for more details.
  • Denny and Lexie were tasked with composing a letter to get support from municipalities on applying for the DCNR grant. (Note: a future meeting led to the decision that we would wait to apply for the DCNR grant in 2018).
  • The SCWA was tasked with organizing the first, preliminary public forum on this topic.

6) Old Business

A. Spring Creek Watershed Association – Bill Sharp

The SCWA’s next meeting is Tuesday February 21st at 7:30AM. This meeting will continue the discussion on the watershed management plan with a focus on community input.

B. Spring Creek Watershed Atlas – Bob Donaldson

The Atlas workgroup meeting has been rescheduled for Feb 23rd. There will be a discussion on Bob Carline’s edits to the outline of topics. There are many articles in the queue. Pat Drohan is working on an article on soils in the watershed. Jason Detar and Bob Carline are working on articles on trout fisheries. Hannah is working with Joe Bishop to get a map for her article on macroinvertebrates. Steve Sywensky, the owner of Fisherman’s Paradise, will be writing an article on the importance of high quality water on trout fisheries. Dave Whiteman, Jacklie Melander and Bob Donaldson will meet soon to put together an article related to old homesteads.

7) New Business

A. Approval of Craig Story’s website maintenance bill for $235.00.

Paul Bartley moved to approve Craig Story’s website maintenance bill of $235.00. Bill Sharp seconded seconded the motion. The motion unanimously passed.

B. The discussion on increased contributions from commission members to continue to support an Americorps member was pushed to the next meeting when Mark Stevenson will be present.

8) Other Business – no other business

9) Financial Report & Vouchers:

Balance: $14,164.38 after receiving $201.00 from Benner Township, $158.50 from Harris Township, $497.50 from Patton Township, $36.50 from Milesburg Borough, $114.50 from Potter Township, $144.00 from Walker Township, $309.50 from College Township and $201.00 from Bellefonte Borough.

10) Once around the Watershed – Members present are asked to provide some interesting news from their municipality

  1. Janet Engemen, State College Borough, wondered if the new and future building developments downtown would have an impact on the water.
    Brian Heiser of the State College Borough Water Authority responded that these new developments are well within their capacity of production.
  2. David Wise noted that Benner Township is in the final stages of creating a sourcewater protection ordinance. Also, earlier this week they opened bids for the Spring Creek Canyon Trail Phase 1 from the Blue Bridge to the Shiloh Road Bridge. The project will take approximately 4-5 months to complete.
  3. Denny Hameister, Harris Township: In two weeks, they will meet with College Township to discuss the extension of the beneficial reuse line to Mountain View Country Club.
  4. Gay Dunne announced that Bellefont Borough is releasing an RFP for marketing of their waterfront district and armory real estate.
  5. Bill MacMath noted that Spring Township continues to work with FEMA on the flood damage from October.
  6. Peter Buckland announced that Ferguson Township continues to work on the draft of their sourcewater protection ordinance. They are working through lots of comments.

Remaining meetings in 2017– March 15th, April 19th, May 17th, June 21st, July 19th, September 20th, October 18th, November 15th

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Meeting Adjourned at 8:55PM