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Meeting Minutes 10.19.2016



October 19th, 2016 Meeting

Spring Township Municipal Building

(Prepared by Lexie Orr, Spring Creek Watershed Coordinator)

Chair called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

Members said the pledge.

Role Call:

  • Bellefonte- Kevin Clark
  • Benner – Absent
  • College Township – Bill Sharp
  • Ferguson – Absent
  • Halfmoon – Mark Stevenson
  • Harris – Denny Hameister
  • Milesburg – Paul Bartley
  • Patton – Doug Wion
  • Potter – David Whiteman
  • Spring – Bill MacMath
  • State College – Janet Engeman
  • Walker Township – Absent

Approval of Minutes

Janet Engeman moved to approve/accept the Minutes from the September SCWC meeting. Bill Sharp seconded the motion. Minutes were accepted unanimously.

Citizen Comments

Bob Vierck, Trout Unlimited

The dike between Thompson Run and the Duck Pond, established in 1977 by the efforts of Joe Humphries, is being reestablished after disrepair. Nearly 20 volunteers participated in the effort. The volume of unheated water retuned to the stream has almost doubled, which will return Thompson Run to a cold water stream. The Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited was awarded gold trout award as outstanding chapter in the country. This was a big deal because there are over 400 chapters in the country. TU thanks the conservation district, SCWA and SCWC, Clearwater and community for making this possible.

Adrienne Gemberling, WRMP

Adrienne handed out copies of the WRMP’s annual report on the Geology on the Spring Creek Watershed. Adrienne and Dave Yoxtheimer have presented the report at many location including the funder and landowner event at Millbrook Marsh, Trout Unlimited and Park Forest Elementary.

Comments from Chair - Master Class – Future of the Spring Creek Watershed – Denny

Denny asked for comments from those who attended the ARAVA institute lecture and master class on October 18th. The comments follow.

  • Judi Sittler - Israel has a top down system with centralized water. Our water is really chopped up into different groups managing the water. Having a comprehensive plan might be a good idea for centralized management.
  • Bob Donaldson – Most every discussion group at the master class recognized that we needed to create a master plan but was not necessarily sure how to make that happen.
  • Janet – The morning presentation was interesting yet not applicable to our watershed or country. There’s no way we could have a national water policy.
  • Bill Sharp – The afternoon Master Class had 5 breakout sessions facilitated by students that created an opportunity to look at where are we are and opportunities for the future. The ideas will be organized and sent out to participants. We have so many entities in our watershed that sometimes cooperation is not easy. Regardless, the list of accomplishments in the Spring Creek Watershed is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Ann Donovan – Israelis are brilliant in the way they’ve solved their problems yet this may have come at the expense of the natural resources. The River Jordan is a trickle, and the Sea of Galilee is very salty. It’s important for us to protect our natural resources in solving our water issues.
  • Bob E – Solving water issues is a good way to solve some relationship issues as it’s a common commodity.
  • Denny – Monthly or weekly USGS well monitoring data should be available through the CDT similar to how the level of the Sea of Galilee was publicly available to Israelis and used as clear index for drought conditions.
  • Bill MacMath – Well data is widely variability in the watershed because the movement of water is not necessarily equal throughout. We couldn’t be more accurate than saying we are in a drought with the data.

Educational Topic – Bill Sharp – 20th Anniversary

Bill presented a portion of the video video of the 20th Anniversary Celebration which is available at CNET at this link is available on CNET: http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T04959&video=287683. Mark Higgins, current Centre County Commissioner, Vicki Wedler and Sue Muscolo, former Centre County Commissioners, and Denny Hameister, SCWC Chair, and Bill Sharp, SCWA Chair, all spoke at the event. They all spoke of the level of collaboration and perseverance it took to establish the foundation for such accomplishment in the watershed. As a culminating piece of the the celebration, over 100 sheets of accomplishments that have been made in the Spring Creek Watershed over the last 20 years were compiled.

Old Business

  • Watershed Atlas – Bob D (co-chair of Atlas workgroup)
    • Both Bryan Swistock’s article on the important of forests to water quality and Betsie Blumberg’s article on landcover in the watershed have been posted on the Atlas website. The WRMP’s report on the geology of the watershed and Bob Carline’s article on the historic perspective of aquatic resources are both under review.
    • The DEP announced their Environmental Education Grant funding opportunity for both $3000 mini-grants and up to $50,000 general grants. Bill MacMath moved to approve the $50,000 grant application. Mark Stevenson seconded the motion. The commission unanimously agreed to pursue the $50,000 grant.

New Business

Upcoming Speakers

  • November - MS4 Partners on Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan (CBPRP) and Impaired Waters Plan that are required with the upcoming new National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Permit (MS4) which will be issued in 2018
  • January- Adrienne and Dave (WRMP) on the Geology of Spring Creek Watershed
  • Laura Fowler – Drought Condition that she presented at PSU

Backyard Stormwater Brochure Reprinting - $250 to print. Mark Stevenson moved to approve the reprinting of the brochure. Bill Sharp seconded the motion. The commission unanimously approved the reprinting of the brochure.

Mission Statement

Everyone agreed the mission statement was fine. Bill Sharp noted that potentially the vision of where we want to go in the next 20 years should be updated.

Around the Watershed

  • Halfmoon Township remediated all mold in the township building, and the meeting space has been remodeled. They are now in the 2nd stage of the remodel and are getting bathrooms ADA compatible. Next year, the township will take a look at the offices.

Motion to adjourn by Bill MacMath was accepted without objection at 8:45 pm.