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Meeting Minutes 07.20.2016

Spring Creek Watershed Commission


July 20, 2016 Meeting

(Prepared by Mark J. Stevenson, CFA)

Chair called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

Members said the pledge

Bill MacMath moved to approve/accept the Minutes from the June SCWC meeting. Janet Engeman seconded the motion. Minutes were accepted unanimously.

Citizens Comments: Judy Sittler, representing Trout Unlimited, announced two upcoming events: 1) PA Fish and Boat Commission will be celebrating its 150 year anniversary July 23rd @ its Penn Eagle Industial Park location, and 2) Center Region Parks and Rec will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary at Tudek Park. Trout Unlimited will be present at both those celebrations.

Education Topic: Presentation by Mr. Todd Giddings.

Mr. Giddings presented a power point display dealing with both the stresses and systems to mitigate those stresses in the Spring Creek Watershed.

Stresses include:

  • Withdrawal of 16 million gallons per day to support the population residing in the watershed;
  • Current pre-drought condition (YTD is the 118th driest year on record of 121 years measured);
  • Spills;
  • Leaks;
  • Agricultural practices that can discharge nutrients into surface water;
  • Sinkhole collapse that allows poor quality water to pour into aquifer;
  • Illegal dumping (which has been reduced significantly over the years thru local efforts).

Systems include:

  • Source water protection plans;
  • Physical Devices (like the oil/water separators used at base of highway overpasses);
  • Land ownership (like Clearwater’s purchase of Musser Gap land for preservation);
  • Land Easements that preserve open space in the watershed;
  • Zoning ordinances that guide development in ways that protect the watershed.

Old Business:

Spring Creek Watershed Association Report: Bill Sharp of College Township provided an update on the Associations ongoing efforts to hold a September celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission and its accomplishments at the Millbrook Marsh barn. The group is compiling a list of achievements and invited all present to continue to add to that archive of information.

Atlas Project Report: Bob Donaldson provided an update by speaking to the original purpose of the Atlas effort, which is the need to prepare an informed public for making good decisions on issues affecting the watershed. The Atlas will be a tool to accomplish that goal. He expressed a desire to produce something in a ‘finished’ format as soon as possible, even though the product itself will likely never be fully finished as new topics are explored and added to the Atlas website over time.

Americorp Representative Update: Chair Dennis Hammeister provided an update on the process stating three Commission members submitted suggestions for qualifications and skills of the candidates. Four candidates will be interviewed in the coming weeks.

New Business:

The SCWC 20th Anniversary Celebration topic was covered extensively under Old Business, so this agenda item was passed over.

Financial Report:

Account contains $22,238.09 as of June 30th 2016. A payment of $1,500 to the Connections Program was made in the month of June.

Members then each shared relevant happenings in their respective townships as relates to water issues.

Remaining meeting dates and C-NET airing times for the July 20th meeting were reviewed by the Chair. The Chair thanked Patton Township for sponsoring the airing of the July meeting of the Commission.

Adrienne Gemberling of Clearwater Conservancy shared with the Commission the first in a series of Factsheets that will be produced going forward. This first factsheet is titled Chloride in the Spring Creek Watershed.

Motion to adjourn by Mark Stevenson was accepted without objection at 8:45 pm.