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Meeting Minutes 04.20.2016

April 20, 2016
Spring Township Municipal Building
7:00 PM

1) Call to Order: - Mr. Hameister called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

2) Roll Call of Members – Establish which municipalities are present


Mark Stevenson – Halfmoon Township
Peter Buckland – Ferguson Township
Denny Hameister – Harris Township
Gay Dunne – Bellefonte Borough
Steve Lyncha – College Township
Paul Bartley – Milesburg Borough
Bill MacMath– Spring Township
Josh Troxell – Patton Township


Benner Township
Potter Township
State College Borough
Walker Township

GUESTS:  Members of the SCWA, Trout Unlimited, Arienne Gemberling, and members of the Community.

3) Approval of Minutes

(Note: Cristin Mitchell volunteered to be “note taker” but has secured employment elsewhere.)
Bill moved & Gay Dunne seconded a motion to approve the minutes of March 16, 2016. (Unanimously approved.)

4) Citizen Comments (5 minutes per comment)

- Trout Unlimited announced a volunteerism award being given to James H Lanning. On Sunday, May 16th, a plaque will be dedicated in honor Joe Humphreys of in recognition of his work to revitalize a portion of Spring Creek downstream of the duck pond.
- Citizen concerns were raised about Type B bio solids (for agriculture) being applied at some local farms. The primary concern is the large potential for contaminating compounds being applied without any testing as this type of material is only tested for ten compounds and the lack of ongoing notification to residents.
- Several members of the commission spent the last couple days at the PSATS convention where there were several educational sessions on storm water management, MS4, and various related water protection topics.

5) Educational Topic

– Introduced by Peter Buckland, Raymond Najjar, Professor of Oceanography, “PCIA3” (Pennsylvania Climate Impact Assessment #3 – online at http://www.agsci.psu.edu/enri)
Peter Buckland introduced Dr. Najjar who gave an overview on the state-mandated biannual climate impact study recently updated in 2015. Penn State has been performing this study for the state. The major chapters of the report include Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Water Quality and Quantity, Human Health, and Tourism and Outdoor Recreation. Summary Sheets were distributed (copies are included with the minutes).
Climate: PA is warming approximately 1.5°F over the last 30 years. It has also received more precipitation over the last 100 years (more in the last 30 years) and is characterized by having more intense storms/rainfall. The increased rainfall may be accounted by cyclical changes (i.e. El Niño) but the temperature is harder to explain. This results in potential degradation to water/stream quality.

6) Old Business

A. Spring Creek Watershed Association Report
Bill Sharp presented the SCWA report: topics at the last meeting included the issue of type B bio solids, a Clearwater presentation about chlorides in the watershed, and the SCWC 20th anniversary celebration.

B. Spring Creek Watershed Atlas Report
Bob Donaldson presented an update on the Atlas work group activities including communication with potential authors, invitations to potential members/authors, and current regulations (Next meeting: 4/28 at 1pm, Patton Twp. Library)

C. Update on AmeriCorps:
The application is due May 6; plans are to submit on May 5.

D. Additional Clearwater announcements: (Adrienne Gemberling)
- Watershed Cleanup day is this Saturday. Signup on Clearwater’s website.
- There is a storm water management presentation tomorrow night 6-9pm at the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.
- Prior to the COG meeting, there is a sustainability presentation at the State College Borough Building from 5-7pm. Members are invited to attend.

7) New Business

A) SCWC 20th Anniversary events, Ideas & Volunteers
Planning is underway for the SCWC 20th Anniversary to include a celebration event and a video history of the organization.

8) Other Business

A) Financial Report & Vouchers – The financial report through March 2016 is as follows: Ending Balance $24,006.69

B) Once around the Watershed – Members provided some interesting news from their municipality.

Halfmoon Twp. – nothing to report
Ferguson Twp. – work continues on a storm water ordinance and consideration of a wellhead protection ordinance
Harris Twp. – nothing to report
Bellefonte Borough – the Bellefonte Freight Building has moved to Tallyrand Park and is awaiting foundation to complete the move. Final work is progressing on the waterfront project.
College Twp. – nothing to report
Milesburg Twp. – Milesburg water authority is planning to take a look at the issue of the Type B bio solids
Spring Twp. – nothing to report
Patton Twp. – the township is in the very early stages of looking at a sewer line replacement/extension project in the Gray’s Wood’s area. Work has begun to replace the Waddle Rd. bridge.

C) Remaining meetings – The following meeting dates remain for 2016: May 18, June 15, July 20, September 21, October 19, November 16

D) C_NET Air Times - This meeting can be viewed on Channel 7 (CGTV) on the following days/times

-Monday, April 25, 7:30 pm
-Thursday, April 28, 1:00 am & 7:00 pm
-Friday, April 29, 8:30 am
-Sunday, May 1, 4:00 pm

E) Commendation letter for Amy Kerner (See attached) was read at the State College Borough Council meeting

Thank you to Harris Township for sponsoring the airing of this meeting.

9) Adjournment
The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:40 pm.