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Meeting Minutes 07.20.2011


Meeting Minutes

Spring Township Municipal Building

July 20, 2011

1)   CALL TO ORDER - At 6:59 pm the meeting was called to order by Chairman Miller who then led the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.   ROLL CALL OF MUNICIPALITIES - The following members were present:

Paul Bartley (Milesburg Borough)                       Amy Story (State College Borough)

Don Franson (Walker Township)                         Denny Hameister (Harris Township)

Bob Donaldson (Patton Township)                     Mark Stevenson (Halfmoon Township)

Bill Sharp (College Township)                             Bill Fleckenstein (Potter Township)

Steve Miller (Ferguson Township)                       Gay Dunne (Bellefonte Borough)

Dave Breon (Benner Township)


The following were absent (excused) - Spring Township


The following were absent (unexcused) - Centre Hall Borough


Guests:   None


3)   APPROVAL OF MINUTES - The minutes of the May 18, 2011 meeting were distributed via e-mail and posted on the Commission's website.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Hameister and seconded by Ms. Dunne. The vote passed unanimously.


A.   There were no citizen comments.


A.   Groundwater Table Status report - Dr. Giddings was not present.


B.   Spring Creek Watershed Association Report - Mr. Donaldson reported that the SCWA met on July 19, 2011.

1.   Recharge Report - Mr. Miller spoke with Mark Ralston who noted that there has been no activity with the workgroup and asked that someone else be asked to run the group as his business commitments have made it hard to work on the project.  The group discussed how to reorganize the workgroup.  Mr. Miller noted that Ms. Barb Fisher suggested seeking out grants to pay the group.  He opined that the SCWC does not necessarily have the expertise to seek out grants and suggested that ClearWater Conservancy be asked to research grant opportunities.  Mr. Donaldson noted that another round of Growing Greener Grant applications may be opened soon.  Mr. Sharp stated that if CWC agrees to take on the task, he will provide assistant.  Mr. Breon motioned to approach CWC to see if they are interested in researching grant possibilities and the requirements involved. Mr. Bartley seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

C.  Stormwater Authority - Mr. Hameister suggested keeping tabs on the issue around PENNDOTs policy about storm facilities located within the Right of Way.  Mr. Donaldson noted that Bill Elmendorf is promoting workshops on stormwater and wondered if SCWC would be interested.  Mr. Donaldson had solicited interested and received none and then asked if the MS4 group would be interested in a workshop.  Ms. Story noted there are audience requirements that would have to be met, but most likely would be interested.  Mr. Donaldson volunteered to talk with Jen Shuey and Bill Elmendorf and report back to the SCWC.

D.  PA Source Water Protection Program - Mr. Miller talked to Mark Stephens and he suggested a meeting be held in fall.  The group discussed a few tentative dates. Mr. Stephens suggest Wednesday or Thursday evenings as they seem to work the best for attendance.  The Department would provide all information.  If the turnout is expected to be large he would bring along additional DEP staff.  He suggested the letter come from the SCWC so that it doesn't appear regulatory.  He agreed to send the list of the water supply owners to Ms. Story.  Mr. Donaldson reported that Mr. Stephens had approached the Centre County Planning Office and arranged a meeting with the 4 owners who comprise the Mountain Top Water Companies.  Mr. Hameister suggested that we hold the meeting during one of the SCWC regularly scheduled meeting.  Those dates are September 21 or October 19.  Mr. Miller will take these dates  back to Stephens and determine which is better.  Mr. Donaldson suggested that the meeting be held at CPI if capacity will exceed the Spring Township Building.  Mr. Miller noted that the letter was drafted and distributed and that Mr. Donaldson provided some feedback.  He noted if anyone else has comments to sent them to him.


A.   None



A.   Financial Report and Vouchers - as of June 30, 2011

Beginning Balance:         $10,629.19

Income                                         n/a

Expenses                                  $7.89

Ending Balance               $10,621.30


Mr. Bartley moved and Mr. Stevenson seconded a motion to approve the expenditure for staff time.  The vote was unanimous.


B.   Once Around the Watershed - Each municipality present is asked to provide some interesting news from their municipality.


Halfmoon - Asked Centre Region COG Public Services to look at amending the Act 537 Plan at a developer's request to build a 200,000 gpd wastewater treatment facility.  For this facility the solids would be trucked to UAJA with effluent to be discharged to the top of the ridge.

Benner - Nothing to Report.

Harris - Passed on a request for COG to add a parcel the for consideration of public sewer.  A long term care facility is being proposed and must be developed on a sewered lot.  Also, the Township received a Dirt & Gravel Road grant for Share Road (Head of Spring Creek Watershed) to alleviate flooding.  Harris donating labor as in-kind services.

State College - Rain Gardens being proposed at Allen/Beaver

Ferguson - Old Gatesburg Road is under construction and with development of a traditional town huge detention basins have been built.

Bellefonte - Source Water Protection report.

College - Crows found with West Nile Disease.  DEP provided a public warning to set more traps in Millbrook Marsh and the Township is addressing the issue.

Milesburg - Nothing to Report

Patton - Park (approximately 40 acres) off of Burnell Road has been in the works for years and is not moving forward with construction.

Walker - Nothing to Report

Potter - Nothing to Report


C.   Remaining Meetings - The following meeting dates remain for 2011:  August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16, and December 21.


D.   C-NET Air Times - This meeting can be viewed on C-NET on the following days/times:


Monday, July 25th at 7:30 pm

Wednesday, July 27th at 10 am

Thursday, July 28th at 2 pm

Saturday, July 30th at 9 am

Sunday, July 31st at 12 Noon


Thank you to the College Township for sponsoring the airing of the July meeting


8) ADJOURNMENT - At 7:38 pm, with no other items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned by motion from Mr. Stevenson and a second from Ms. Dunne.