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Meeting Minutes - 01.19.2011


Meeting Minutes

Spring Township Municipal Building

January 19, 2011

1)   CALL TO ORDER - At 7:01 pm the meeting was called to order by Mr. Miller who then led the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.A)      2011 OFFICERS - Mr. Miller asked for nominations for the 2011 Officers.  Mr. Hameister motioned to retain existing officers and a second was provided by Mr. Bartley.  The vote was unanimous and the officers are as follows:

Chairman - Steve Miller

Vice-Chairman - Dave Breon

Secretary - Amy Story

2.B)      ROLL CALL OF MUNICIPALITIES - The following members were present:

Paul Bartley (Milesburg Borough)                 Bill MacMath (Spring Township)

Amy Story (State College Borough)              Don Holderman (Bellefonte Borough)

Bob Donaldson (Patton Township)               Mark Stevenson (Halfmoon Township)

Dave Breon (Benner Township)                    Denny Hameister (Harris Township)

Bill Sharp (College Township)                       Bill Fleckenstein (Potter Township)


The following were absent (excused) -


The following were absent (unexcused) - Centre Hall Borough, Walker Township


Guests:            Bob Eberhart, Barb Fisher, Kristen Saacke Blunk, Todd Giddings


3)   APPROVAL OF MINUTES - The minutes of the November 17, 2010 meeting were distributed via e-mail and posted on the Commission's website.  A motion to approve the minutes was made Mr. MacMath and seconded by Mr. Bartley. The vote passed unanimously.


A.    There were no citizen comments.


A.   Groundwater Level Report - Dr. Giddings provided an update on the groundwater levels within the Spring Creek Watershed.  Dr. Giddings provided an explanation about ground frost as a result of a question asked by Mr. Hameister.


B.   Spring Creek Watershed Association Report

1.   Watershed Sustainability Initiative - Mr. Eberhart introduced the new Chairman of the Spring Creek Watershed Association, Kristen Saacke Blunk.  Mr. Eberhart thanked the Commission for the continued cooperation.  Ms. Saacke Blunk stated that the SCWA meeting they agreed to meet with ClearWater Conservancy as a focus group to look at strategic directives.  The goal of the meeting will be to discuss what is being done well, what can be done better and what things should be let go. The SCWC was invited to attend the meeting which is scheduled for February 15, 2011 at 7:30 am at Patton Township.


2.   Source Water Protection Plans - Ms. Saacke Blunk mentioned that Mark Stevens of DEP addressed the SCWA on community water systems across the watershed who do not have source water protection plans. The SCWA is looking to form a small group who will explore developing a source water protection plans for those community water systems who do not have one.  Mr.  Hameister asked how the PA Rural Water Association fits into the picture.  Ms. Saacke Blunk thought there was a slight difference in that the SCWA group is looking into the more technical aspects of the source water protection plans.


3.   Well Drilling/Borehole Brochure - Dr. Giddings reported that he is on hold because he heard that Walt Schneider of Centre Region Codes is preparing something and wants to meet with him to see if it can be developed together instead of separately.


Chairman Miller thanked Mr. Eberhart for his efforts with the SCWA and establishing cooperation between the SCWA and the SCWC.


The group was asked to provide a status update on the Borehole/Well Drilling Ordinance:


Halfmoon - adopted but made a few tweaks

Benner - not adopted as of yet.  Looking to include some more restrictive items.

Harris - adopted ordinance with inspection by CRPA.

State College Borough - passed as the Property Maintenance Code

Ferguson - adopted the PMC and have had a number of borings completed.  Going smoothly.

Bellefonte - adopted PMC.

College - adopted PMC

Milesburg - not adopted as of yet.  Looking at final tweak.  Using Keystone Inspection agency for inspection.

Spring - adopted ordinance

Patton - adopted PMC

Potter - not adopted, but in final stages.  Questions about enforcement.


4.   Recharge Report - Chairman Miller noted that Mark Ralston was not able to attend meeting but reported that the group has met and has developed an outline and mission of the group and should have a report within the next few months.  A soil scientist, Bill Mader, will be joining the group.


C.   Stormwater Authority - Mr. Donaldson mentioned that final decisions have developed between DEP, EPA and Chesapeake Bay Association and the two areas for enforcement are agricultural and stormwater. Mr. Hameister started the discussion by stating that the recent ruling by PENNDOT on stormwater issues provides a perfect case for having an Authority.  Dr. Giddings noted that Mr. Donaldson was instrumental in getting PENNDOT to include Stormwater structures into the I-99 corridor.  He suggested that in the future we could do a photo comparison.  Mr. Breon asked if there is any hard evidence of the benefit of Stormwater BMPs, stating that there is discussion within the Township about the need for such things.  Dr. Giddings clarified that many of the SW structures along I-99 are to deal with spills.  Chairman Miller suggested we keep the topic of a Stormwater Authority on the radar but wait to see how things develop.  There was discussion about how an Authority could benefit all and what some of the limitations are.  Mr. Stevenson agreed with keeping it on the agenda.


The group then discussed issues with private home owners associations and their lack of knowledge about stormwater detention basins.



A.   Greenhouse Gas Mitigation. - Mr. Hameister addressed the group about the Centre Region Greenhouse Gas Mitigation project and how it can be used as an example to look at water resources.  He spoke about a Model Resolution for the Centre Region that deals with electricity transportation and on site fuel but is absent of anything about water including potable water, stormwater, etc.  The report was submitted to DEP in December and the group is looking to modify it as seen fit. There are 32 items listed in the document and Mr. Hameister noted that there is an opportunity for the SCWC to create something similar that deals with water. Mr. MacMath noted that it was not intended to include water, but to deal with Greenhouse Gases.  Mr. Hameister reviewed what the model resolution includes on electricity, transportation and on-site fuels.  Mr. MacMath stated that many of the things listed in the model resolution are things that are already being done.  Mr. Sharp provided his opinion that many of the things listed in the resolution are typically the opinions of the focus group.  Mr. Breon stated in his opinion that many in this area think water is very plentiful and the thoughts of rain harvesting and stormwater management about sustainability is very foreign.  Mr. Hameister agreed to meet with the SCWA to discuss what is being done about sustainability of the water resources.  Mr. Sharp noted that the Watershed Map is one of the educational items that was recently completed.


B.   Water Budget - Mr. Stevenson asked Dr. Giddings that if in the report given is it possible to look at rainfall by year, water level by year and look at what we are losing from recharge.  The concept of water budget was explained by Dr. Giddings.



A.   Financial Report and Vouchers - An invoice was received from SF-Ventures in the amount of $184.00 which includes the renewal of the website domain name, hosting of the web site and annual maintenance.  A motion was made by Mr. MacMath and seconded by Mr. Stevenson to approve the SF-Ventures invoice.  The vote was unanimous.


B.   Once Around the Watershed - Each municipality present is asked to provide some interesting news from their municipality.


Halfmoon - ClearWater Conservancy was active in acquiring wildlife corridor and is developing plan to plant and bring back to a natural state.

Benner - Overlay Ordinance being worked on

Harris - The raparian buffer ordinance is to be presented to Supervisors for approval. Also working on open space stud by 14 member group.  Looking to hold a public hearing and start neighborhood discussion groups.  Looking at referendum issue in fall of 2011.

State College - nothing to report

Ferguson - not much

Bellefonte - grant from EPA for a camera point and repair system to repair water leaks.  Also doing improvements to Corning pump house.

College - exploring site for new water well for Township

Milesburg - nothing to report

Spring - nothing to report

Patton - Graysdale issues with arterial street and wetland ponds that are to be part of athletic fields.  Current redesign is occurring.  The I-99 ERPA site has leachate draining to tanks and being hauled away.  Treatment plant has been designed for leachate.

Potter - nothing to report


C.   Remaining Meetings - The following meeting dates remain for 2011:  February 16, March 16, April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16, and December 21.   Mr. Stevenson made motion and Mr. Breon provided a second to keep meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.  The vote was unanimous.


D.   C-NET Air Times - This meeting can be viewed on C-NET on the following days/times:


Saturday, January 22 - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, January 23 - 7:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.

Monday, January 24 - 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 26 - 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, January 27 - 7:00 p.m.


Thank you to the Centre Region Council of Governments for sponsoring the airing of the October meeting.


8) ADJOURNMENT - At 8:33 pm, with no other items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned by motion from Mr. Bartley and a second from Mr. Fleckenstein.