SCWC Meeting Agenda 11.16.2016

November 16, 2016
Spring Township Municipal Building
7:00 PM

1) Call to Order: - The Chair will call the meeting to order and lead the Pledge of Allegiance

2) Roll Call of Members – Establish which municipalities are present

3) Approval of Minutes -Take action on distributed minutes from October19, 2016.

4) Citizen Comments – The public is invited to address the Commission on items not on the Agenda (5 minutes per comment)

5) Educational Topic – “Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan & Impaired Waters Plan for the Centre Region MS4 Permits” Amy Kerner, Don Franson, Ron Seibert

6) Old Business

A. Spring Creek Watershed Association – receive an update
B. Spring Creek Watershed Atlas – receive a project update
C. DEP EE Grant – Spring Creek Watershed Atlas

7) New Business

Selection of meeting dates for 2107 & submission to CDT

8) Other Business

Future SCWC agenda item to include:
-Determination of interest and effort for Phase II of The Spring Creek Watershed Plan

9) Financial Report & Vouchers – Payment - $39.25, Balance: $12,603.38


A) Once around the Watershed – Members present are asked to provide some interesting news from their municipality

B) Remaining meetings – No SCWC meeting scheduled for December, 2016

C) C-NET Air Times - This meeting can be viewed on Channel 7 (CGTV) on the following days/times

-Sunday, Dec. 3, 8:00 PM
-Monday, December 5, 9:00 AM
-Tuesday, December 6, 2:00 PM
-Wednesday, December 7, 12:30 M

Thank you to Ferguson Township for sponsoring the airing of this meeting.